We all know that campero is a dish that has become a real gastronomic jewel of the city.. Camperos are sandwiches that, although they may seem simple, each bite contains an explosion of flavours and Malaga tradition.

The campero is more than just a sandwich, it is an icon of Malaga and its gastronomy, one of the dishes that comes to the mind of everyone who mentions the city.

Its origins go back decades, when it became popular as a quick and tasty meal option in the province’s bars and taverns.. Today, the campero is an essential part of the local gastronomy and an experience that no visitor should miss.

The basis of a good campero is simple but ideal: a tender, crusty bread enveloping a variety of fresh and tasty ingredients. There is no single type of campero, but rather the freedom to make innovative and delicious creations with ingredients ranging from grilled steaks to tuna, ham, cheese, lettuce, eggs and a wide range of sauces and dressings.

Each place or establishment has its own interpretation of campero, with its own personalised option, making it a versatile dish that satisfies everyone.


1. Eladio Campero

We start this list in style with one of the most renowned camperos places in the city, a true temple of camperos. Open since 1983, it has a menu with a large collection of hamburgers, sandwiches and starters, but it stands out for its huge variety of camperos, giving you the option of ordering practically a personalised campero for each person.

2. Carpanta

This hamburger restaurant with more than three decades of experience has earned the fame and affection of the people, presenting itself as one of the best options, not only for its hamburgers and pizzas, but also for the quality and size of its burgers. This place has a campero with the same name as the establishment which, accompanied by homemade mayonnaise, makes for an excellent gastronomic experience.


In the famous neighbourhood of Teatinos and with more than 15 years of activity, you will find this place famous for its tasty and generous dishes ranging from roast chickens to sweet pizzas, hamburgers and complete country dishes. El Dorado’s camperos are exquisite and their campero of “pinchito” of chicken or pork meat is an unbeatable option.


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Its name comes from the surnames of the couple who run it, also referring to the British pop rock group. Having an establishment with a typical local look and feel and only a five-minute walk to the beach makes it another of our favourite choices. With a very close service and incredibly full campers, Durán Durán was born when the idea of the campero was born. This gives them an unparalleled experience in creating these dishes.


With the same name as the protagonist of Quino’s cartoons, this establishment has more than 35 years of experience in the preparation of all kinds of camperos, its star dish being the “Mafaldón”, a campero with ingredients such as cooked ham, cheese, French omelette, bacon or chicken, among others. But, no doubt, any of their camperos or other dishes will keep you coming back for more.

6. MYA

Owned by the former owners of Mafalda, Mamen and Andrés (where the name of the place comes from), it has already made a name for itself in the Pedregalejo neighbourhood. Their customers brought them back after taking a break from their old business to continue to delight in their delicious, almost customised, camperos for each customer.


A small place in El Palo, in front of the sea, and with a familiar and close atmosphere, makes this place an incredible choice, not only to have the campero there, but also as a take away option to have it on the beach or in your flat. The delicious combination of ingredients together with good toasted bread creates a very juicy dish.


In the neighbourhood of Ciudad Jardín you will find a renowned hamburger restaurant that stands out for its exquisite camperos. Although you’ll also find options such as pepitos, gigantic pizzas or jacket potatoes on the menu, what really shines here are the camperos. With an impressive selection of almost 20 different types of campers, you’ll have the freedom to choose the one that best suits your tastes.


It has been feeding different generations since 1984 with the ideal of offering products prepared with love and passion for cooking, so that you can enjoy them as if you were eating them at home. Their camperos are a delight not to be missed, and an obligatory stop if you visit Malaga.


It may seem that its main dish is only sandwiches, but this is another typical place to try some good camperos. In addition, this place offers a special camperos section that incorporates even more ingredients, if possible, to make your dining experience complete and leave you wanting to try them all again.


The campero in Malaga is much more than a sandwich, it is an expression of the city’s culinary tradition. Each place that offers this dish has its own interpretation, but they all share a passion for fresh ingredients and a great deal of love and respect.

When you visit Malaga, be sure to explore these places and discover the Malaga experience for yourself. Don’t hesitate to try them all and enjoy the incredible diversity of flavours this city has to offer!

Whatever your tastes, Malaga has a campero for you.

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