We make tourists feel like locals in Málaga

Letmalaga was founded in 2015 as a family business and has managed to establish itself as one of the leaders in the sector in Malaga. Our goal is to make visitors to our city feel like a local. We are lucky to have a staff of professional, open and involved workers who will provide you with the best possible experience.

Our vision


Focusing on the client’s comfort, both for the owners by creating value in their properties, and for the guests by providing them with the best experience in our city. Always honest, flexible and dynamic, working as a team with the client to make the investment we have made together profitable.

Our philosophy is to be careful, friendly and create a long-term experience with owners and guests, adapting and anticipating their needs and making them feel listened to and part of our culture.

Our mission


Our mission is to be the most welcoming company to people and places, transmitting local knowledge to generate lasting experiences for guests, a customer and employee centred organisation. To contribute to making and leaving a better world, without fanaticism and impositions, but with conviction and setting an example.

We are a small and medium-sized property management company, specialising in residential and holiday real estate services, both VFT (holiday homes) and AT (holiday flats), focused on three types of clients, owners, users and investors. In this way we cover the needs of users of housing or holiday accommodation both as rental and buying.

Our team


We are moved by a way of life focused on living without ” being afraid “. It is essential to have a passion in life, whatever it may be, but always a passion, which is why every step we take follows these guidelines.

Positivity and predisposition are the key to our team.

Day by day we make decisions together, where we always take into account several points of view, so we do not see problems as such, but we take them as an opportunity to exchange and improve.

Constant learning from experience is part of our way of life. At the same time, our team is made up of professionals trained in the sector, who have lived adventures in different parts of the world to provide the best of experiences to those who decide to approach them.

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