As we are about to finish 2023, we can say that it has been a great year from which we have had many good moments together with our owners associated to Letmalaga. A year in which we have learned countless things to continue improving with you, our future owners.

An end of the year always brings reflection and an exciting look back at what we have achieved. That is why we would like to highlight the achievements of this period and share some exciting prospects for the future..


The year 2023 has seen a remarkable and exponential growth and success in our holiday rentals. If we compare the performance data for 2023 with that of 2022, we can see a significant increase in occupancy and overall growth of our properties. This achievement highlights the constant commitment of our team to provide the best services and dedication to each of the owners associated with us with a continuous improvement in the strategies implemented.

We are delighted to see our focus on service excellence translate into tangible results.


At Letmalaga, we are excited to share our outstanding performance results in three key areas: average nightly booking rate (ABRN), stays and revenue. These indicators are fundamental to assess our impact on the tourism industry.

  • ABRN (Average Booking Rate per Night): Letmalaga: 37.67% (significantly higher than the Malaga average of 27.66%).
  • Stays: Increase in Letmalaga: +34.71% (surpassing Malaga’s increase of 24.46%).
  • Revenue: Increase in Letmalaga: +30.54% (higher than the 26% growth in Malaga).

Our efficient price management and occupancy optimisation have been instrumental in outperforming the local market average. Success in increasing stays and revenues is attributed to effective marketing campaigns and a strong presence in booking channels. In addition, we have applied a constant analysis and anticipation of market trends, allowing us to dynamically adjust our strategies and remain competitive in a constantly changing environment and in such a growing area as Malaga.

These results highlight Letmalaga’s excellence in pricing strategies, marketing and operational management, significantly outperforming the Malaga city average.


Looking ahead, we are full of optimism. The city continues to grow as a leading tourist destination, presenting even greater opportunities for us in the holiday rental sector. Our aim is not only to improve in quantity, but also to continue to improve the quality of our work and to continue to offer a personalised and efficient service.


We would like to express our sincere thanks for the continued trust that our current owners place in Letmalaga. It is thanks to our mutual collaboration that we continue to grow and prosper. With our experience, data and enthusiasm, we are confident that we will continue to reach new heights together..

And you, future owner, knowing all this… What are you waiting for to join?

Find out more on our website or contact us.

We hope you have a wonderful year and that we can be part of it!

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