Christmas is a magical time in Malaga. The city is filled with lights, music and Christmas decorations, creating a festive atmosphere that attracts visitors from all over the world. Both locals and visitors alike gather in the city’s main venues to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas weeks with all the activities and events that are programmed for these festive dates.

Likewise, all the streets and monuments are prepared and decorated so that the city takes on a colour and brightness that highlights the beauty of Malaga even more.

If you are planning to visit Malaga during the Christmas season, here are some of the best plans you can’t miss.


The Christmas lights in Calle Larios are an attractive spectacle not to be missed. For weeks, the city’s main and most famous street is filled with lights, music and hustle and bustle, creating a magical atmosphere that you can only see during this time of year. This year, the lights will be on from 24 November 2023 until 6 January 2024… Seize the moment!


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During the months of December and January, there are several Christmas markets in Malaga. The most popular is the Christmas market in the port of Malaga, where you can find gifts, decorations and typical seasonal food.

Take a stroll around the port of Malaga enjoying the Christmas atmosphere and the crowds and shop at the flea market for handmade and local products that reflect the tradition and culture of Malaga and make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

You can also visit the markets of Paseo del Parque, the English Cemetery or even the markets near Malaga, such as the one in Benalmádena.


During the Christmas season, Malaga is the perfect setting for the installation of incredible nativity scenes throughout the city.

One of the most acclaimed nativity scenes by residents and visitors is the municipal nativity scene, installed in the courtyard of the Town Hall and open from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 21:00. It will be available to visit until 6 January, so don’t delay your visit.

You should also take a look at the other nativity scenes in the city, such as the ones in the Museo Carmen Thyssen, Casa Diocesana, Plaza del Obispo or the one in the Museo de Málaga.


The video mapping projected on the south tower of Malaga Cathedral is another of the attractions of Christmas in Malaga. This show will run until 4 January 2024, except 24 and 31 December.

With a show lasting around 8 minutes, this year sees the premiere of a tale entitled ‘Angel of Light’, where the story of an angel will merge with the latest technology in laser projection to create brilliant images and gigantic reproductions.


If you need a break from Christmas activities and want to enjoy a few days of complete peace and quiet away from your daily routine, consider visiting one of the spas or thermal pools in Malaga. In these establishments you can relax and enjoy unforgettable moments where all you can think about is the comfort and relaxation you are experiencing. Leave the stress and crowds behind!

Some of the most popular spas are the Hammam Al Ándalus, the Medina Mayrit Arab Baths and the Sensara Spa.


The centre of Malaga is a charming place to stroll around all year round, a place with movement, an infinity of activities and attractions, a multitude of options for shopping or having a drink, etc. But it is during the winter months that this area of the city takes on a special glow, filling with joy, with every corner decorated and animated.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars and cultural centres to explore, all while strolling through the streets fully decorated with Christmas lights and music.


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Make the most of the last few weeks to enjoy some good roasted chestnuts, a typical Christmas snack that is ideal to combat the cold. They can be found at Christmas markets and in the streets of the city.


If you are looking for Christmas, New Year or Christmas gifts, Malaga has many options.

Calle Marqués de Larios is Malaga’s main shopping street, lined with national and international brand shops. But if you want more options where you can buy those last minute gifts you’re looking for, the surrounding streets offer much of the same.

In the shops of these streets you can find gifts ranging from the most traditional and classic handmade products of Malaga to the most sought-after products of the best-known brands.


If you are looking to spend the New Year away from home, Malaga is a great option. To start the New Year in the best way in the city there are several options. The Plaza de la Constitución is the main place to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Malaga, where thousands of people gather to watch the fireworks and celebrate the beginning of the new year.

If instead you prefer a more lively atmosphere, another option is to celebrate New Year’s Eve in one of the city’s many bars and nightclubs. Some of the most popular places to celebrate New Year’s Eve are the Sala Gold or the Andén disco.


Malaga is a great and attractive tourist destination all year round, but it takes on a greater dimension, with a magical atmosphere, during the months of December and January, when the city dresses up for Christmas and the activities and events multiply.

As we have seen, from the Christmas lights in Calle Larios to the Christmas markets and a visit to the various nativity scenes around the city, these are just some of the many things to do and see in Malaga during the Christmas season.

If you are looking to rent a tourist accommodation for these holidays, we invite you to explore our website or contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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